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Sacrifice in Timor (2004): A power struggle between two former allies in East Timor is threatening to destabilise the country.

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"We led the country to liberation and now there is no place for us," complains former guerrilla leader Cornelio Gama. He's angry that the government won't give him a war pension and has denied him a place on the security force. And he's threatening to raise an army to fight for veterans' rights. It's a move that has won him widespread support. But it's also attracted the wrath of his former ally Prime Minister Alkitiri. "He has no right to build another security force. If he keeps doing it, I will use the authority of the police to block him." But Alkitiri's moral stance is somewhat compromised by allegations that he's accepted millions of dollars of bribes. The government is under pressure, the war veterans are frustrated and now -- to add to the tension -- the peacekeepers are leaving.

ABC Australia - Ref. 2298

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