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"Rosa's Story" is the story of the journey of Rosa Martins, a poor young widow and mother of six children who travels across East Timor to reunite her family. Her journey coincides with that of fabled resistance leader and presidential candidate, Xanana Gusmao, who is touring East Timor in the run up to the first free parliamentary elections in the country's history. "East Timor Birth of a Nation" follows East Timor's journey towards nationhood and looks at how a country is born, literally from the ashes of the past, and how the East Timorese people are working to build a future. The series explores the complex issues and difficult decisions that are involved in the creation of a truly independent nation. It also examines the role of international players such as the United Nations and Australia in the process. The first episode follows a woman's struggle to reunite her family. The second shows a man's transition from resistance soldier to political leader.

I do not own the rights to this great documentary, no copy right infringement intended. I merely uploaded it for the benefit of those who have trouble finding it elsewhere... especially for my fellow Timorese...

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